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While you’re probably keen on supporting #Glassonsareyouguilty, you may be wondering where else you can buy your clothes.

  • First of all, try to shop from reliable companies such as Etiko, Adidas, Puma, Audrey Blue, Country Road, and Kmart. All these companies received an A grade or higher in the Baptist World Aid Fair Trade Report, and are reliable and ethical.
  • If you enjoy being creative, try to repurpose old clothes. This involving taking unwanted clothing and transforming it into something new! Look at this link for inspiration: http://www.trendsandideas.com/40-mindblowing-ways-to-repurpose-old-clothing/
  • To support charity, buy from op-shops such as Red Cross and Salvation Army. You’ll save money, support charity, help prevent unethical companies, and get cool new-to-you clothing!

Do you know any other alternatives to supporting unethical companies? Tell us in the comments below!


Image from http://vinnies-wellington.org.nz/karori/


Image from http://www.trendsandideas.com/40-mindblowing-ways-to-repurpose-old-clothing/

Why is Glassons a high risk company?

Why is Glassons a high risk company?

Glassons is a high risk company because they have hardly disclosed anything about their suppliers and manufacturing processes. And it’s not because no one’s asked – there have been hundreds of social media requests for their Code of Conduct and their suppliers. They’re proof that they possibly aren’t an ethical company. And that’s not including the 18 months allotted for providing information for the Baptist World Aid Fair Trade Report, AND the two copies of the unpublished report delivered by post. If you knew you would be getting an overall D- as your score, wouldn’t you send information to improve? That is, if you could improve. This information definitely looks suspicious. Why aren’t they giving this information? Isn’t this suspicious? Do you want to be responsible for encouraging unethical companies by purchasing their clothes?

As well as that, on the 2015 Baptist World Aid Fair Trade Report, they got a F (worst possible grade) in almost all categories, including supplying a living wage to their workers , traceability, monitoring, and worker’s rights.

That is why it’s impossible to deny that Glassons is without a doubt, an extremely high risk company until they decide to disclose this information.

See infographics below for more details





Welcome to our website. We are trying to raise awareness on fair trade and worker rights/conditions.

We are investigating the clothing brand, Glassons. Glassons have shown that they do not know what country their clothing comes from, or how it is made. This means that they might not have fair wages or good working conditions. The Bapist World Fair trade Report gave Glassons a F, the worst possible rank on living wages. Because of this, we advise you that you take caution when purchasing clothing from Glassons. Please consider other options other than Glassons when purchasing clothing.

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